Texas Longhorn Cattle

It may be that Texas Longhorn Cattle could have prevented the degree of devastation which occurred these last few days as the fires swept through the Carmel Mountains. The hot summer and drought conditions undoubtedly played a major role, but so did arson and negligence. It seems that arson is often a cause of the fires that have destroyed Israel’s forests over the years. However, the degree and intensity of forest fires can often be mitigated if “prescribed burns” are set and managed to reduce the dry underbrush and small trees that cause a spark to turn into a major conflagration.

In the Carmel region there are shrubs that grow thick and heavy as well as cacti which provide fuel for the fire. According to Robin Rosenblatt, M.Sc. Animal Science, Hebrew University, Faculty of Agriculture, and President and CEO of the Israel Longhorn Project,  Texas Longhorn Cattle would be the answer not only to Israel’s shortage of meat, but also to its problem of intense and destructive fires. These cattle are much better suited to the arid desert climate here than are the European breeds which are being raised here unsuccessfully, and they thrive on the shrubs and cacti that fuel these fires as well.

To help assist those whose lives have been affected by the fire, please contribute to the Jewish Agency’s Fire Disaster Relief.


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