My sister has a friend near her home in Ma’aleh Adumim who told me, sometime in September, that she was considering a move north to Tzefat and was looking for a job there. When I met  her, coincidentally, a few days  later in Jerusalem waiting for the bus back to my sister’s house (we stayed there for the first month following our aliyah) she told me that she had just come from the north.  She found and accepted a job not in Tzefat, but in a small town called Nov and was going to look for an apartment there.

Okay. Nov – small, out of the way place with a weird name. I wonder how they got it.

A couple of days later something dislodged from the far recesses of my mind and it hit me – Nov, ir ha’Kohanim, the city of Kohanim. Wow! I thought. Apparently Nov is in the Tanach (Bible). The name doesn’t seem so funny anymore. And I’m flabbergasted  (still am) that I remembered this. Well, I figured, there was some value to my yeshiva education after all.  I  did, however, have to Google in order to find out more about Nov.

In short: The were several cities in ancient Israel where Kohanim lived and Nov was one of them. When David was running from King Shaul he came to the city of Nov and was unwittingly given food and a sword by the Kohen Gadol, the high priest. Shaul discovered this, accused the Kohanim of treason, and had them killed. 85 Kohanim died. (Samuel I 21:2-9)

Nov is located in the Galil, east of the Kineret (Sea of Galilee), near the Syrian border.

How awesome it is to live in The Land of the Bible.


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